How do you style a coffee table? This is probably one of the most asked questions we hear! It’s pretty simple and we hope you will be inspired to freshen up yours after giving today’s post a quick read.

Coffee tables are a great way to show off your interests, entertain friends, display special heirlooms or to simply house your tv clickers! Whatever the case, they are typically the centerpiece in your room and are often overlooked when styling out your space. We constantly stress functionality in every post and the same applies for todays topic. You too can have a beautiful coffee table that functions for your everyday!

There is always a method to our madness and we understand that every home is different, we aim to give you a few tips from our styling process to apply to your own coffee table.


  • Place tv clickers in a decorative box to keep them from cluttering your space

  • Add coffee table books that interest you with covers or spines that tie in your room colors

  • Always add a candle AND BURN IT people! That is the entire point so stop letting it collect dust :)

  • Plop in some greens! Succulents are awesome because they are a challenge to kill (although I still manage to) but inexpensive to replace if you do

Keeping it concise

If you have a large coffee table, or two pushed together like I have, then there is a lot of pressure to feel like you have to load it up - you are not alone in thinking that. Let me start by saying - FALSE! Simplicity is beautiful and it allows you to treasure what is really important.

Having two littles has meant constantly yelling at them the first two years (still yelling actually) of their respective lives to teach them what to not touch. As they have gotten a little older, I have been able to add special pieces back to my sweet little table that make it feel more special. Most notably, this gorgeous 19th Century Chinese Rose Medallion bowl. It is literally my most favorite antique I own and it gives me such joy every time I look at it.


THE cheerful heart


Sometimes it takes a few tries

If you had watched a video of this process you would have most definitely been laughing. It’s ok to move around items and edit them. We have been doing this forever and it still takes us time to get it right (and still get it wrong!). Walk around your house and steal from other rooms to give your treasures a change of scenery. Swap out your plants, add a tray from your bar or pull the vases off your shelf and make them a conversational piece.

  • MIX IT UP - bring in items from other rooms to give them new life

  • Keep moving until you find just the right spot

  • Balance out heights of taller items like the pair of vases with something like the plant to keep the triangle (from our Shelfie Styling blog)


THe one & only


You don’t have to know all the answers

For those of you that have single coffee table or something smaller, maintain a more minimal approach adding in truly special pieces. Don’t forget to keep a little house plant involved in your arrangement. I mean, we LOVE a fresh floral moment but for day-to-day living you can add a house plant that is low maintenance. This plant found its new home in a cheerful antique McCoy pot I picked up a couple years back.

FUN FACT: This little ivy has an awesome story! Some of its leaves started from a small ivy (that is massive now) I bought from IKEA when I lived in New York and I have propagated it into many more. I love potting them and giving them to my friends! Bonus, they are impossible to kill for you non-green thumb peeps like me!






Whether you have a small space or just admire clean lines, there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple. No one ever said no to that?



  • Set the foundation by arranging the largest items on the table, like books, trays, or natural elements

  • Create different heights to keep your eyes moving

  • Group 2-3 objects and stack books with a decorative piece on top

  • Add natural elements and fresh floral or a leafy plant

  • Use thoughtful pops of color… “Candy paint with the white on top”

  • For discounted coffee table books check out Half Price Books or Homegoods