Happy Fall, Y’all! Now that it’s October, we felt it was time to do a little closet refresh. We know the first day of Fall was technically September 23rd, but we live in Texas.. so seasons come and go as they please. We all dream of having a beautifully organized closet but despite all efforts usually most of us end up having a mess. If you’re like us, the thought of rearranging your closet brings on an instant emotion of panic. The ‘I have no idea where to start’ syndrome is very real my friends. So take a deep breath and we will walk you through a few steps we take when giving our closets the facelift it deserves.



  1. Edit YOUR SHIZ

  • GET THINGS OUT! In other words, purge purge purge. Seriously, take everything out and go through it all. You’re editing your wardrobe which means getting rid of things. Be honest with yourself when asking if you will ever wear that sweater Nana gave you (she probs already forgot about it) or those white jeans that just can’t make it one more season.

  • Did someone say “Movie Montage”? RE-TRY on pieces you maybe forgot about or are unsure of- we CANNOT stress this enough! Make sure it still fits and you still love it. It’s so fun to play dress up and think up new outfits with pieces you had all along that you still love.

  • Donate or sell the clothing you no longer want and/or doesn’t fit. There are really great resell sites out there like Poshmark or The Real Real where you can get back some monies to buy new pieces! Or you can be a dork like me and create a Facebook page and have an online sale!



  • Start by organizing by season and then by color. If your space is limited you can take out anything that is out of season and store it (this was the way I survived with my tiny closet in NY!), this will maximize your space.

  • Once you have organized your pieces by season, arrange by color and group like items together, for example: long sleeve blouses, short sleeve blouses, sweaters, jeans, casual tops, dresses etc. When you have everything organized into these like-groups, you can see what you might need for the upcoming season that you don’t already have or need to replace.

  • Take advantage of unused space or hard to reach places, like high up on the top shelf, to store seasonal items.

  • Organize your shoes by style - dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, sandals, boots etc. Keep items you wear more often easy to access!



I like for my closet to be visually appealing so I can have fun getting dressed. It feels like I am in my own little boutique where everything fits! Having a retail background makes merchandising come natural to me but with a little time and patience you can make it come natural to you too. When your closet is merchandised you can see everything you have while having fun getting ready for your day!

Want to take it a step further?! Change out your light fixture to something fun, add a rug or place art on the wall. Just because it’s your closet doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful!

IMG_7710_2 2.JPG

tools we use

  • Let’s face it, having everything consistent visually looks better! Using slim velvet hangers will take up less space, keep your clothes from slipping off and ensure everything looks uniform. When I’m organizing I like to hang my pieces in groups with how I would wear them and makes getting dressed a lot easier.

  • Hanger clips are a great tool to hang skirts and jeans. I typically hang more jeans in the fall since I wear less dresses.

  • Lucite shelves are a God send - they really help declutter and create more space that is also visually appealing. My shelves are stationary so these are a great way to add more shelf space!