Coffee table books are a great way to be inspired on the daily and bonus, they make great gifts any time of year! As we are sure you’ve seen on our blogs and social media, one of our favorite ways to style a space is to use our favorite books. We decided to do an entirely separate blog from our coffee table styling so we could go over the books we love to incorporate, if that isn’t telling of our love for a good stack of books, we don’t know what is! Here’s a list of a few of our favorites along with a few pointers on how to punch up your book game.

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Katies Faves:


1. Frida Kahlo at Home, 2. Charlotte Moss Entertains & 3. Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations, 4. Vogue Living Country, City, Coast, 5. BEAUTIFUL Mark D. Sikes

Any one that knows me will attest to my obsession with Frida, maybe not so much her actual work, but her as a human being and how self aware she was. She was one of the first artists I studied in college and I was forever fascinated by her.

Since I love to throw a good party on the reg I had to also include my favorite entertaining host Charlotte Moss, she is beyond inspiring. I find myself always flipping through her books for new ideas and see something special every time!


If you don’t know, now you know

  1. INSPIRE YOURSELF! Whether its art, fashion, entertaining or photography - fill your table with your favorite things

  2. Don’t be afraid to go big in book size, you can always stack more on top

  3. Switch around the books you have on your table surfaces to accent the colors you have in your space

  4. Place special objects on top of your stack of books, this is where you can show your favorite treasures

Brie’s Faves:

1. Ibiza Bohemia, 2. Apsen Style, 3. Palm Beach, 4. The Stylish Life Equestrian

There are SOOO many beautiful coffee table books out there so it was very hard for me to choose just a couple! With saying that, I chose animals and travel because they are a few of my favorite things. I grew up with horses and when I came across The Stylish Life Equestrian I knew that I wanted to add this book to my list of favs.

I was at one of our clients homes one day and saw the IBIZA Bohemia book and immediately become obsessed with it. I loved the colors and just thought it was so fun, then after doing some digging I found out that Assouline does a whole series of books from different places around the world! So now my goal is to have a collection of these books from the places I travel!


Hannah’s Faves:

  1. Andy Warhol Portraits, 2. Dream Design Live, 3. Valentino Themes and Variations, 4. CATS by Walter Chandoha

    TBH it was really hard to only pick four coffee table books, but here’s a stab at it. I usually look for books that pertain to my love of design, art, fashion, and yes…cats. But I must admit, a lot of times I pick a book just for the beautiful cover (for example the Valentino book) #noshame.

    Seriously, a pretty coffee table book can transform any surface and interior design and fashion designer books are always stunning. The Andy Warhol Portrait book holds a special place in my heart because my husband and I used it as the guest book at our wedding.

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